Scoping out

•February 12, 2009 • Leave a Comment

The Littlesplits project is gathering pace albeit in fits and starts.

Last week, Paul published the project scope, all 57 pages of it. Where he gets the time to write all this i haven´t figured out yet. The scope goes into some detail and is a perfect beginning for our project, maybe we should rename it as our “bible”.

We are still trying to finalise the legal setup of the business and are hoping to have some options on the table for next weeks meeting. Javi is looking into the setup costs along with the documentation needed by each owner to register the company. Also, he should have some options for government assistance such as Projecto Malaga.

Paul and myself have formulated the building blocks of the IT setup and they are:

  • Choosing a server (hopefully next week).
  • Platform, Database, DB Lang and Front End (Apache, Tomcat, Linux, JSP, CSS3, HTML)
  • UML DB Structure (
  • Data Sources (Identify, REST, API)
  • Build queries

I have been reading a lot this week on bootstrapping and the project scope to the soundtrack of Kiwi music and some Stevie Wonder classics.

There is a lot more detail to the above but i can´t give any specific details away until the beta version is released.


Guerillas and mock-ups

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After seeing the 2 mock-ups of our new site, i have to say that i am pleased with the initial outlay although i feel this will evolve over time to the final product and even then, it will continue to evolve.

Our marketing strategy is beginning to take shape also. Having read a lot recently about guerilla marketing and bootstrapping, this is the way forward. A few examples of guerilla marketing can be found here. I particularly like the Calgary Farmers market example.

As the initial plan was formulated over the last 2 weeks, we seem to be moving quite fast now and the individual plans are becoming more detailed. We are very aware of the tasks ahead of us and the time-limits placed by ourselves.

Team meeting tonight should bear more fruit so hopefully more information for everyone later.

A brave new world split into digestable pieces.

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The idea came from one and refined by a few, currently evolving to nobody knows where.

So far we have 3-5 people working on our new idea of expanding the google world past the current one dimensional search.

The timetable has been drawn up to achieve as much as possible in the next 2-3 weeks. As the recession bites even harder and will result in the majority of the current team being made redundant from our current employers, it´s time to stand on our own 2 feet.

The main coordination is being run by 3 of us, names to follow later.

Areas to be covered in the next few weeks are:

  • Legal setup and definition of company.
  • Possible funding (Projecto Malaga) & finance options.
  • Revenue scope
  • Front end/Back end design

The above may sound like a small beginning but in fact each area covers a lot of detail.

Profit and social conscience can be run in tandem and we are about to show you how…………